Crop Insurance

An often misunderstood but valuable business tool available to farmers is crop insurance.

Since humans cannot control natural disasters, it may be wise to transfer some of the risk to crop insurance. Crop insurance affords income coverage in exchange for a manageable premium that can be worked into your operating budget. Currently to become eligible for federal disaster payments a basic crop insurance program must be in place.


CAT Catastrophic coverage — is the least expensive. Provides basic coverage
APH Actual Production History — Premiums are based on amount of acreage and level of coverage requested
CRC Crop Revenue Coverage — Guarantees are based on income produced
CROP/HAIL — just as it sounds. Protection against damage from hail
NURSERY — coverage for nursery products
WRITTEN AGREEMENTS — crops not eligible in the regular program may be covered by an exception through a written agreement with the company

Eligible crops include:
Corn, wheat, soybeans, grapes, fruit crops, nursery, silage, oats, and many others.