Hobby Farms

Do you own a Hobby Farm? Do you really know?

Do you own any of the following:
A County Estate
Investment property with large buildings
Rural property with acreage or farm type buildings
A few (define few) farm animals
Horses or Board Horses
Recreational Land (Hunting, Fishing or Weekend Get away)
“Gentleman Farmer” Someone who farms for fun and not income
If so, you potentially own a “hobby farm’, Do you know if your current coverage is adequate? We can help you find out. A standard Homeowners policy just does not cover you properly.

A hobby farm is a small farm that is maintained without expectation of being the primary source of income. Some are merely to provide recreational land and perhaps a few horses or animals for the family to enjoy. Others are managed as working farms for little or no additional income, or are run at an ongoing loss as a lifestyle choice by the owner.