Where Has All The Water Gone?

Drought Tips

Even with all the rain early this year, we should all be prepared for the dog days of summer and the potential for drought.

Establishing a drought plan before drought conditions are present could help lessen the effects of drought; however, there are many ways to mitigate the effects if a plan was not previously established.

  • Make sure your irrigation system is working efficiently and effectively, and prioritize watering; sensitive plants/crops should have priority over turf because turf is cheaper to replace.
  • Keep weeds under control because they absorb water that could be used for other plants, and add mulch to aid in water retention.
  • Fertilize with a low nitrogen formula or, if possible, do not use fertilizer.
  • Protect your livestock (and pets) from the heat by providing shade, ventilation, and an adequate water supply.
  • Test drought damaged crops and livestock water sources for nitrates to avoid nitrate poisoning.
  • Utilize available assistance, especially in those areas that are declared to be natural disasters.